Online Matroid Intersection: Submodular Water-Filling and Matroidal Welfare Maximization
with Billy Jin, Kalen Patton, Sherry Sarkar, Mik Zlatin.

Improved Approximation Algorithms for Steiner Connectivity Augmentation Problems
with Mik Zlatin.


Maintaining Matroid Intersections Online
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One Tree to Rule Them All: Poly-Logarithmic Universal Steiner Tree
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IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS) 2023

Toppleable Permutations, Excedances and Acyclic Orientations
with Arvind Ayyer, Prasad Tetali.
Combinatorial Theory, 2(1)

On the Hypergraph Connectivity of Skeleta of Polytopes
with Josephine Yu.
Discrete & Computational Geometry (2022)